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Administration of Real Estate/Property

  • Consultancy Agreement

  • Deed of Assignments

  • Development Agreement

  • Joint Venture Development Agreement

  • Property Management Agreement

  • Sale and Purchase of Land and Building

  • Stakeholder Arrangement

  • Tenancy and Lease of Office, Commercial or Residential Premises

Real Estate Anchor
Meeting Room Business
Corporate Anchor

corporate matters

  • Any other agreement is required.

  • Concession Agreements

  • Construction Agreements

  • Creation of trust and trust companies and preparation of trust agreement

  • Distribution Agreements

  • Due Diligence Distribution Agreement

  • Establishment and Preparation of Franchise

  • Joint Venture Agreements

  • Joint Venture Agreements

  • Management Agreements

  • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

  • Sales of Business Agreement, Share Sale Agreement

  • Settlement Agreements

  • Shareholder's Agreements

  • Supply Agreement

  • Trust Deeds


  • Dealing with local authorities and land office for approval

  • Entering Caveats

  • Loan documentation for conventional and land office for approval

  • Preparation of Memorandum of Transfer, Charges, Discard of charges

  • Sales and Purchase Agreements

  • Sub Sale Transaction

Conveyancing Anchor

criminal proceedings

  • AMLA Cases

  • Bribery Cases

  • Corruption Cases

  • Criminal Breach of Trust Cases

  • Criminal Misappropriation Cases

  • Drug Cases

  • POLA Cases

  • SOSMA Cases

  • Accident Cases

Criminal Anchor

election law

  • Appeals to Federal Court

  • Election Petitions in the Election Court

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Election Law Anchor
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Employment Law

employment law

  • Collective Agreement

  • Human Resource Opinion

  • Industrial Matter For and Against Corporation

  • Unfair terms of Employment

  • Unlawful Dismissal of Workers

  • Voluntary/Mutual Separation Scheme

Litigation Anchor


  • Banking & Finance

  • Bankruptcy

  • Commercial Arbitration

  • Company Law

  • Conflicts of Law/Private International Law

  • Constitutional/ Administrative Law

  • Copyright/Trademark & Intellectual property 

  • Defamation

  • Employment & Industrial Relation Law

  • General Commercial

  • Insurance 

  • Judicial Preview

  • Professional Negligence

  • Public & Administrative Law

  • Running Down Cases

  • Sale of Goods

  • Shipping Goods

  • Shipping Law

  • Societies Law

Probate Law Anchor

Probate Law and Administration of Estates

  • Application for Letters of Administration and Probate for General and Muslim Estates

  • Transmission of Property and Division of Estate

  • Wills

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